HKCS Black Plaid Classic Style Lamb Wool Cashmere Scarf for Men


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  • Classic plaid

    Outstanding character, feel smooth, bring exquisite comfortable touch to the skin, draping good, flexible.

  • Matching simple plaid type

    simple and fashionable style, the designer selected the colors to coordinate.

  • Soft and exquisite sense of texture

    Handle color with simple fashion, using yarn dyeing woven process, with high color fastness and clear texture.

  • It is smooth and delicate

    With high density, with a good feel and draping, and a natural and soft color without wrinkling.

  • Selected high-quality wool finishing weaving

    The feel of soft and smooth, close to the skin without any prickly feeling, warm and sensitive, the appropriate processing of pile, so that the touch is more comfortable, flattering to the skin, warm feeling is born!